Buy Spanish Entre Caminos EVOO in Singapore

Organically farmed, pressed and packaged on their 90-hectare olive grove by the Escalera Álvarez family, a three-generational agricultural firm in La Roda de Andalućia, nestled in the historic Sierra Sur de Sevilla region of Spain. Thanks to their privileged location, rich soils and microclimate, some of the finest Hojiblanca olive oil come from this very spot. The family combines traditional, organic and biodynamic methods to nurture their trees while taking advantage of new technologies to craft their award-winning extra virgin olive oils.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Seleccíon Range, First Harvest 250ml

Complex with a good bitterness and persistent pungency as great olive oils should be. Reminiscent of fresh green chillis like jalapeños in the retronasal. Excellent paired with most cuisines especially Spanish summer dishes like Salmorejo, Mexican cuisine and even as dressing over spicy, citrusy Thai salads. Two-time winner of the prestigious Mario Solinas awards held annually by the International Olive Council.

Varietal: Organic Hojiblanca 

Available at Starter Lab Bakery Havelock Road directions / online from

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Early Harvest 500ml

Very fruity, balanced and medium intensity. Aromas of green apples and fresh leaves with lingering notes of green peppers. Versatile, pairs well with a wide variety of foods and flavours.  

Varietal: Organic Hojiblanca

Available at Little Farms Tanglin Mall, Little Farms Valley Point, Little Farms Katong Point

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Family Range Bag-in-box 3L

Ripe fruitiness, reminiscent of sweet red apples in aroma with medium intensity flavours and creamy on entry. Versatile, pairs well with a wide variety of foods and flavours. This bag-in-box packaging is not only convenient and eco-friendlier, it offers greater quality protection to the oil from its "enemies" of heat, air and light, therefore making flavours last longer (best-by date June 2025)

Varietal: Organic Hojiblanca 

Available online from

Isabel and Juan Escalera Álvarez | Entre Caminos


  • Mother Nature

    A deeply held principle for us is that we do not own the land we farm and build on, but merely
    guardians of Mother Nature’s gift on earth. The native flora and fauna that surround our olive grove offer lessons of resilience and adaptability of life. We take it upon ourselves to always root the experiences we create to the land and surroundings where olive oil comes from, where things are not always picture perfect and can be truly challenging.

  • People We Meet

    We learn most from people and their stories. We love questions from our customers, seeing it as a way to create mutually beneficial experiences. We love it when our neighbours drop by at our olive grove in New Zealand – their farming wisdom always leaves us smarter. Above all, we draw our deepest inspiration from olive growers working their land around the world. Their pride and passion embody the spirit of who we aspire to be at Olive Oil People.

  • Food Cultures

    Food brings people of various walks of life together in a way that’s personal and intimate. Our
    personal food philosophy is shaped by our life experiences having lived and worked in diverse cultural settings in North America, South East Asia, East Asia and Oceania. Instead of seeing differences, we often find similarities in ingredients and flavours across cuisines. We bring this inclusive approach to the way we present our olive oil learning experiences. We believe great olive oil has a place in every cuisine, some just waiting to be revealed.