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Olivo is the oldest commercial grove in the Wairarapa region in New Zealand, growing alongside some of Martinborough's finest vineyards. Enjoyed by New Zealanders for over 20 years, Helen and John Meehan's intent has always been to create innovative and top-quality olive oils that pair with excellent food and the great wines of Martinborough - olive oils from New Zealand that are boutique, artisanal and gorgeous. Buy and try some of Olivo's olive oils today.

Olivo Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml

Aromas of fresh grass, citrus and sorrel notes. Pleasant green bitterness and long piquancy on the palate. Versatile and delicious with salmon, chicken, lentils, avocado, quinoa and rice dishes. Drizzle over fresh orange slices , sprinkled with cinnamon sugar for a surprisingly refreshing and tasty pairing that totally hits the spot!

Varietal: Barnea 

2022 harvest year available at Starter Lab Bakery Havelock Road directions 

Olivo Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml / 500ml

Aromas of green almonds and soft herbs. Pronounced peppery intensity typical of Tuscan olive varietals, with a long delicious creamy finish on the palate. Excellent simply drizzled on good crusty bread, tomato salads, pastas and in egg preparations. For a surprisingly tasty pairing try it over umami flavours such as edamame, grilled tofu, sashimi and nutty earthy soba salads. 

Varietal: Frantoio and Leccino 

2022 harvest year available now at Starter Lab Bakery Havelock Road directions 

2023 harvest year is available at Little Farms (Valley Point, Tanglin Mall, Katong Point) and from


Helen and John Meehan | Olivo

  • Mother Nature

    A deeply held principle for us is that we do not own the land we farm and build on, but merely
    guardians of Mother Nature’s gift on earth. The native flora and fauna that surround our olive grove offer lessons of resilience and adaptability of life. We take it upon ourselves to always root the experiences we create to the land and surroundings where olive oil comes from, where things are not always picture perfect and can be truly challenging.

  • People We Meet

    We learn most from people and their stories. We love questions from our customers, seeing it as a way to create mutually beneficial experiences. We love it when our neighbours drop by at our olive grove in New Zealand – their farming wisdom always leaves us smarter. Above all, we draw our deepest inspiration from olive growers working their land around the world. Their pride and passion embody the spirit of who we aspire to be at Olive Oil People.

  • Food Cultures

    Food brings people of various walks of life together in a way that’s personal and intimate. Our
    personal food philosophy is shaped by our life experiences having lived and worked in diverse cultural settings in North America, South East Asia, East Asia and Oceania. Instead of seeing differences, we often find similarities in ingredients and flavours across cuisines. We bring this inclusive approach to the way we present our olive oil learning experiences. We believe great olive oil has a place in every cuisine, some just waiting to be revealed.