Cinnamon Orange Skewers

Cinnamon Orange Skewers

Fruity is a MUST

Olive oil can only be graded as extra virgin when it is fruity. Fruitiness ranges widely from fresh grass, citruses, green tomatoes, peppery veggies like arugula and even green bananas!

Olive Oil Matching

Try Olivo’s Estatei extra virgin olive oil with this easy recipe. Its intensely fresh green fruitiness and citrus notes enhance the sweet-quenching orange slices, while cinnamon highlights the slow peppery entrance of an exceptional olive oil

How to make this:

  • 1 tbsp Olivo Estate EVOO 
  • 1 large Valencia orange
  • Cinnamon sugar mixture – 4 tsp raw sugar to 1 1⁄2 tsp cinnamon powder, mixed well
  • 2 bamboo skewers

With a sharp knife peel orange and remove as much of the white parts around the orange as possible. Cut into 8 bite-sized cubes for skewers (or sliced into large wheels if not using skewers).

Skewer 4 orange cubes with one bamboo skewer. Sprinkle cinnamon sugar on platter, roll orange skewer in it and drizzle with 1⁄2 tbsp Olivo Koroneiki. One orange makes 2 skewers.

Alternatively, arrange orange wheels on a platter and sprinkle all of the cinnamon sugar mixture all over. Drizzle extra virgin olive oil all over.


Increase the proportion of cinnamon powder to highlight peppery qualities of the olive oil. Serve skewers in a glass to make it easy to slurp up the remaining delicious extra virgin and cinnamon orange juice.

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