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Extra virgin olive oil

Versatile, fresh grass & citrus notes


Martinborough, Wairarapa, New Zealand


June 2020

Olivo’s signature award-winning premium extra virgin olive oil.

Every year is different because of weather patterns and the olives available. Predominantly Barnea varietal with a dash of Manzanillo.


Strong, intense, well-structured. Rich grassy characteristics typical of Barnea varietal.

Citrus and sorrel notes.

Flavor Pairing

Versatile and delicious with salmon, chicken, lentils, avocado, quinoa and rice dishes.



The Wairarapa region has a maritime climate different from traditional olive-growing countries, giving us a distinctive and complex tasting oils.

Olivo is the oldest commercial grove in the Wairarapa region of New Zealand, established in 1991 and has been awarded “Best Brand Award” by Olives New Zealand. Their intent is to create innovative and top quality olive oils that pair with excellent food and the great wines that Martinborough produces – olive oils that are boutique, artisanal and gorgeous.