Our Story

Small-lot olive farmers

Since 2015, we have been small-lot olive farmers in the small wine producing village of Martinborough in the Wairarapa region of New Zealand. This microclimate of warm summer days and cool evenings make it ideal for producing exceptional Pinot Noir and often where you find great wines, olives are right there with them. Our 1.85 hectare grove is home to 380 producing trees made up of 3 cultivars: Barnea, Manzanillo and Frantoio.

Passion for education

We believe that education through exploration and discovery of olive oil will help consumers develop a new appreciation for this ancient food staple. Knowing the importance of learning from others in our own journey as olive farmers, in 2020 we expanded our knowledge and experience into the world of professional olive oil tasting through formal olive oil education with the Escuela Superior Del Aceite De Oliva of Spain. This has enabled us to bring time- tested techniques and new experiences to our customers through tasting workshops.

Respect for community

As a member of our small village community in Martinborough, we know firsthand the journey of the olives from grove to press to bottle and the passion for quality at every step. In fact, we named our company Olive Oil People as a tip of the hat, with deep respect and gratitude to the passionate and generous people without whom, it would not be possible for us to enjoy the wondrous benefits of this pure juice of the olive fruit.